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    This School Management System is exceptionally designed with a concrete plan fulfilling every user requirement using this feature. This website is a planner for each and everybody associated schools. They can be principals, teachers, parents and students. Here principals can register and keep track of each and every activity within his school it can be Lesson Planner, Exam Papers, Suggestions, Complaints, etc. Faculty can personally create student and parent id and passwords belonging to their classes where in they can prepare and share Lesson Planner, online Exam Paper, and written exam paper. Faculty & Principals can update forthcoming events and schedules. This helps parents check their children reports and suggestions with respect to a faculty or class or subject even by sitting at their homes. Students can also associate with this website where they can post suggestions, write exams, post complaints and also post their talents and skills.

     In this School Application, we have 3 types of login. One is for student login; other is for teacher and admin login. In student login module, students can login with their username and password given, can attempt online examinations held and can also review their progress.

   In Teacher login, teachers can update their lesson plans, attendance, prepare question papers and can also send messages to students.

   In Admin login, admin can directly access the data like updating the exam timings, review leave status of the teachers and can also assign another teacher for the class if the concerned teacher is on leave.

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