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My Prabandha Android App

   MyPrabandha is a mobile application exceptionally designed with a concrete plan, analyzing and fulfilling features for every user requirement. This mobile application is planned for people associated with schools to access information directly on their desktops. It is developed for enhancing better digital communication for those associated with schools. This application delivers information directly to principals, parents, teachers and students on their devices providing instant access to all school-related activities. Parents can stay connected and communicate whenever they feel like knowing their child’s performance. With our fully integrated application, we have managed to streamline entire school information at one place. This application can be useful to principals, teachers, parents and students. Faculty & Principals can also update forthcoming events and schedules.

This application also helps parents to check their child’s academic report and can also post suggestions with respect to a faculty or a class or subject even by sitting at their homes. Students can also associate with the application where they can post complaints and suggestions, write exams, and also post their talents and skills.

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