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You have a property you want to sell but don’t have the time or skills to market it. You can now simply enlist your property in Mitraya Property and our dedicated team will take care of things for you from customer visits to all sales formalities.

Our most updated listing of diverse properties with varied price range makes us one of the most popular websites with buyers.

For Property Owners and Builders

• We provide attractive property listing packages.

• Our ads aesthetic looks and great customer appeal helps sell your property faster.

• We help reach a wider range of customer as we are one of the best and most trusted property websites in Andhra Pradesh.

• Our specialised agents and builder panel help you further your business with our huge customer database.

For Prospective Buyers

• We update our listing regularly and therefore, every property listed in our sites is available for sale.

• We screen the property listings stringently to provide you the list of best property in the market.

• We include a varied list of properties from apartments, luxurious villas to layouts.

• Our property listing includes a snapshot of the neighbourhood of the property.

• Our dedicated service agents work diligently with you to help you find the right property while ensuring optimum customer satisfaction.

Our Advertisement Services for Builders and Property Owners

Corporate Ads

Corporate Ads give your advertisement a great looking space in the home page of Mitraya Property website. With only 3 ads displayed, this is the best place to display your property listing while providing a spectacular ‘teaser view’ of your property with complete seller contact details.

Slot Ads

Slot Ads are the most premium slots in our district page. Slot ads give you a ‘full length’ space where you get anadvertisement space of 70MM. The ad is displayed for 6 seconds to help increase customer conversion.

Data View Ads

Data View Ads are displayed in the district page. Just like corporate ads this space displays only 3 ads in a row. The ads include complete details of the property along with contact information.

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