Human Resource Mangement

Human Resource Management System is the software developed with the aim of providing an uninterrupted and clear line of communication between the HR of a company and the employees. HRM is a one-stop tool for employees to get all their HR queries addressed as well as a documenting tool where all employee details can be stored.

HR Management System developed by Mitraya includes two Module and they are:

Employee Master Data Software Management Module

The module includes the information pertaining to employees like their Profile, Pay Slips, and Timesheets. Employees can apply for Leaves,get Approval from HR for anything that falls under HR purview.This module also allows employees to mark their attendance.

Administration Module

This module allows admin to work on various activities like Employee Registration, Change Password, Leaves, Salary, Permission/ Approval, Notifications to Employees. This module is for admin to respond to queries and approve or reject any requests from employees.

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