Web Designing

Responsive UI

We will create a responsive template which is compatible to all the devices like Mobiles, PCs, Tabs and Pads using HTML 5, CSS3 and Bootstrap.

Clean design and code

We create and design the code which is user friendly. It is easily understandable which gives a great experience to the users.

Latest Technologies

We keep ourselves update with latest techn- ologies trending nowadays.

Web designing

In the modern day of technology the fastest way to make your product reach your target customer is through a website. Today’s customer mostly looks at websites of different companies before procuring a product or service of their choice. A website can, therefore, be rightly called the digital outlet of a company. An outlet needs to display their products the best possible way to achieve optimum visibility to attract the customer and have good business and the same applies to a website as well. It is therefore very important to have a well-designed website with the right graphical interface which can represent your product to the customer in the best possible way, thus securing optimum online presence for your company.

While choosing your website designer, it is important that you choose someone who not only understands your product but also what your company stands for. We at Mitraya strive towards ensuring that every customer we work with gets personalised attention. Our Website designers will pay attention to what you want and design your website to fit your exact requirements. This helps your website look aesthetically attractive with excellent visibility which can help convince your customers that your services are one of the best available in the market.

We use Responsive Web design

To keep up with current trend where more than half of the internet traffic is mobile traffic, websites designed by us can be easily accessed from any screen sized gadgets like desktop or laptop to Smartphone or tablet. This helps in increasing the reach of your website audience to a great degree. This approach is called Responsive Web Designing which uses the fluid grid, flexible pictures and CCS3 media queries which adapt the layout to the size of the viewing gadget which means contents of the website are not compromised.

Advantages of Using Responsive Web Design

RWD uses single URL and HTML code which helps you achieve higher rankings in search engines which help you receive more traffic and conversion.

Saves you money as one website can be accessed from mobile and desktop so there is no need for a separate website for mobile usage. Also, this helps you avoid duplicate content penalties.

RWD makes the website user-friendly both for navigation and online sale, thus increasing your website's customer traffic & satisfaction.

RWD uses fluid grid, flexible pictures, and CCS3 media queries which make your website look more colourful and up to date by making your pictures brighter and your texts easier to read in any screen size.

RWD helps you generate more traffic as more than half of the internet usage is now through smartphones and tablets.

A user can switch different gadgets and still get the same experience in your website which will improve your customer ratings.