Slim Framework Development

Quintessential PHP micro framework to develop striking, power-packed web applications and APIs.

Not long ago, the use of a framework for developing PHP applications was nothing more than a myth. In the majority of cases, a complete framework was an exaggerated thought. When we talk about prototyping a web app, deploying a simple REST API, or for creating a rapid CRUD front end, the only possible means was to put a traditional framework in place. But then, so much of time and effort used to go down the pipe in learning and using it; and therefore, the labor compensated the advantages. Nowadays, swift web apps development and prototyping of web apps without worrying about performance, time and cost overheads is possible with micro-frameworks. It offers an all-in-one framework to ease out the proceedings in web application development.

As an open source and full-featured PHP application development micro-framework, Slim flaunts elegant middleware architecture and controlled URL router that makes it a highly pleasant and compatible choice for API prototyping and static websites.

At Mitraya , we have nurtured extensive expertise in SLIM micro-frameworks and, over the years, have used it to develop and deploy a REST API featuring support for multiple response formats and authentication.

What we offer?

  • Application directory structuring
  • Database initialization
  • Virtual host defining
  • Handling GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests
  • Adding authentication with route middleware
  • Multiple-response format support
  • Extensive documentation
  • Active, enthusiastic community
  • Licensed under the MIT Public License
  • Extensible framework for building a REST API
  • Lightweight API
  • HTTP methods
  • Rapid API prototyping
  • GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests

Why SLIM framework?

  • Powerful router
  • Template rendering with custom views
  • Flash messages
  • Secure cookies with AES-256 encryption
  • HTTP caching
  • Logging with custom log writers
  • Error handling and debugging
  • Middleware architecture
  • Simple configuration