Laravel Framework Development

Laravel Application Development

The structure, essence and value of web development processes are rapidly changing of late. With the introduction of latest technologies and change in client requirements, there’s always a need for improved, advanced and simplified technologies. One such technology is Laravel that has reformed the way web development used to look. Powered by an active community, Laravel is gaining momentum from strength to strength. The technologies assist in developing web applications that are easy to learn and simple at the same time. Thus Laravel has given various competing and outdated technologies a run for their money. The biggest advantages that developers reap by putting Laravel into play are ease of maintenance and a sense of simplicity.

Laravel developers at Mitraya have an eye for detail and work their heart out to focus on every minute and imperative aspect of your applications. We have a bull’s eye vision and our target is to fulfill your business objectives by providing you an effective framework that’s not pleasing but productive at the same time.

What we offer?

  • Installation and configuration
  • Routing
  • Requests and input
  • Views and migration
  • Displaying data
  • Controllers
  • Eloquent ORM
  • Authentication and security

Why choose Mitraya ?

  • Experienced Laravel programmers
  • Expressive syntax
  • Single responsibility pattern
  • Convention over configuration
  • Built-in protection from injection & xss attacks
  • Service layers
  • Fully testable using facades
  • Blade templating
  • Artisan - Command line companion

The Laravel advantage

  • MVC architecture
  • RESTful controllers
  • Route filters
  • Integrate third-party libraries into your application
  • Database authentication and validation
  • Database creation and migration
  • Works through a PDO to easily connect to multiple databases
  • Easy bundle use
  • Secure your web apps from injections