Why Mitraya

Amazing Team

We believe in Team Work and understand that every individual’s performance will contribute to the overall team performance. That is why we have a strong team of motivated individuals who brilliant at their work as well as great team players.

Career Development

We believe in continuous growth through training for skill development so as to add value to the organization. We motivate our employees to focus on their career development by improving both their individual and interpersonal skills with the goal to optimise job satisfaction.

Our Communication

We follow an Open Door Policy which helps build a great line of communication amongst all the employees at all levels. This helps us understand and retain valued employees by providing them better opportunities.

Careers At Mitraya

We invest in Training and Development programs for both our new joiners and existing employees to ensure everyone is up to date with the latest advancements in their respective areas which help us be in sync with the market requirement.

We focus on training our employees to work under challenging circumstance and still meet service level agreements.

We ensure that every team member is well trained and equipped with sufficient knowledge and resources required for delivering the project with optimum quality.

Our Work Culture

Mitraya Infologic Services follows an all-inclusive and a collaborative work culture where team spirit and the strong sense of personal ownership and responsibility are encouraged and rewarded. This helps us build a positive work environment where we deliver every project within the stipulated time with optimum quality to ensure great consumer satisfaction.

We encourage innovatively and out of the box thinking that helps our team in delivering services and products with outstanding outcomes and establishing long-standing relationship with our clients.

We build the trust of our employees in us by striving to make our work environment inspiring, fun and rewarding for our employees which help us build an enduring relationship.

Our training, performance feedback, rewards and internal posting programs help employees achieve personal growth in career.

We are a people oriented company who has their people or employees as the core of our business assets.


Our Hiring Process