AJAX Development

Effortlessly exchange data with server to update web page quickly without having to reload the entire webpage.

In this arena of merciless and proactive business antagonism, to stay ahead of your competitors you need interactive and highly responsive websites that offer prompt web response time. To address this need, various enterprises across the globe are shifting to AJAX, a combination of the versatile XML and asynchronous JavaScript, since it helps web developer come up with highly elegant, scalable and agile web applications. Give your website a new lease of life with the all-powerful Ajax that is certain enough to enhance the productivity as well as innovative capabilities of any web development process.

Ajax offers web applications a user experience similar to desktop applications, thereby facilitating enhanced responsiveness and usability of assorted browser-based apps without having the need of any complex installation or routine maintenance. We, at Mitraya , understand the essence of latest web technologies; and therefore, we provide our clients with high-end Ajax solutions with dynamic, interactive and highly spellbinding websites and web applications.

Making the most of industry-leading Web 2.0 application development technologies, we develop the best the web can ever get. Our Ajax development solutions not only offer hybrid and value-rich user experience, but also ensure you entice more and more visitors to your website to cultivate improved, consistent and long-term business benefits. Along with high-end Ajax development services, we offer a full spectrum of standards-based software development lifecycle solutions powered by Ajax to address you specific business needs with on-time, within-budget and scalable methodologies that guarantee success for your enterprise and development process.

What we offer?

  • Ajax application development
  • Ajax based e-commerce development solutions
  • Ajax website development services
  • Ajax-based mobile apps development
  • Ajax web development
  • PHP Ajax application development
  • Ajax modules development

Business Values

Nothing but thoroughly mature, professional and extensive Ajax development services.

  • Experienced Ajax professionals onboard
  • Cost efficient and flexible solutions
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Rich user experience and fast web page loading
  • On-time delivery within budget
  • Seamless communication

Free technical support services available around the clock.

  • Reduced security risks
  • NDA

Why choose Ajax for your business?

Google, eBay, Yahoo!, Flickr and several other Internet behemoths use Ajax.

  • Fast and instant web-page display
  • Interactive, dynamic and responsive web portals
  • Compatible with almost all leading web browsers