MITRAYA is a young tech start up driven by a passion to change how things work in the IT segment by our unique services & offerings. We cater our unique software products & services to firms of all sizes – be it a small startup or a giant Fortune 500 company.

Our IT application solutions and services include: e-Business solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation and Post Implementation Support, Application development, Application Maintenance, Software customizations and Remote Database Administration.

Mitraya’s is a team of passionate and experienced designers and developers who are up to date with the latest technology through continuous training programs.We deliver you the finest products or services within the stipulated time and at competitive rates.


To produce excellent services in the field of IT Services with maximum efforts driven towards customer satisfaction.


To build upon a reputation of being one of the most innovative IT Solution and Service provider. We believe in doing our work in the most efficient way with gradual evolution from hard-work to smart-work culture.

Our Principles

We like to dream big and understand that even the smallest decisions can have big impacts. We follow certain standards and strategies, where we have developed from the vision. We always try to serve our customers offering the best services in the stipulated time. Our principles include potential partnership, where we make partnerships with the best organizations who offer services in and around the globe.

We keep ourselves updated with all the technologies and business strategies. We introspect ourselves from time to time to beat out our competitors in the heavy competition.