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Enterprise Resource Planning App

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an application designed exclusively for shopping mall for better management of inventory and sales. This Responsive App has two primary modules. They are:

Admin Module

Admin Module is designed for shop owners to monitor everyday sales turnover and inventory. Shop owners can easily monitor sales activities of all the branches of their shopping malls in multiple locations using their mobile phones. What’s more, admin access allows users to check and monitor all items which are uploaded under well-defined and appropriate categories. They can view the sales date wise or in graphical format.

User Module

User Module is developed to be used by sales rep for efficient logging of items at the time of sale. Using this module, sales rep can now access all the information about the item being sold by simply scanning the barcode number. They no longer have to manually update the details of the items sold as the system brings up all information that is already updated in the database at the time of logging inventory.

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