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School Management System

Mitraya Infologic Services has developed a project called 'Prabandha' a School Management System - web application exceptionally designed with a concrete plan, analyzing and fulfilling features for every user requirement. This web application is planned for people associated with schools to access information directly on their desktops. It is developed with response to growing digital communication required for school communities.SMS delivers information directly to Principals, Parents, Teachers and Students on their devices providing instant access to all school-related activities. Parents can stay connected and communicate whenever they feel to know about your childs performance. With our fully integrated application, we have managed to stream all school information all at one place. This application can be useful to Principals, Teachers, Parents and Students. Faculty & Principals can update forthcoming events and schedules. This help parents check their childrens reports and suggestions with respect to a faculty or a class or subject even by sitting at their homes. Students can also associate with the website where they can post suggestions, write exams, post complaints and also their talents and skills. We have developed 4 separate modules for Faculty, Student, Admin and Parent: Faculty can personally create ids for both students and parents along with passwords wherein they can prepare and share Lesson Planner, Online and Written Examination Papers.Faculty can list out student attendance, chat with parents, conduct online examinations, answer queries posted by students, create question papers, send homework to parents, manage lesson planner etc. Parent can view their childrens attendance information, exam time table and exam syllabus, reports of online and academic exams, inform about fee dues, homework reports, syllabus completion status and chat with teacher as well. Students can post queries, share their talents, write online exams, view exam time table and exam syllabus, know fee dues, homework reports, syllabus status, post and view eBook, share knowledge, post complaints, ideas and suggestions. Admin can manage classes, sections, school information, faculty fees, hostels, transport details, approve eBooks etc. Admin can view and reply to all complaints, suggestions and ideas as well. We have also developed an Android app for the same, named Prabandha which presents the same functionality as mentioned before. We are also developing iOS app for the same, supporting two of the worlds popular operating system. The main intention for development of these is that it gets accessible from the majority of handsets. Using this app, you can reach your school instantly from anywhere at any time. This app allow schools to customize their content as per their necessity by giving teachers, the flexibility to impart information, they would like to share. This helps to replace existing communication budget by modern real-time digital communication platform. Our goal is to reach majority of schools to stay ahead and implement the best communication procedures in school managements. For more details visit: .

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