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Onlie Realestate Portal

Mitraya initiated a new project called Mitraya Property by a young entrepreneur Mr. Anand Chowdary Velicheti on April 27th, 2015 with the objective of providing buying and selling genuine property services online which will help property seekers to discover properties and make well-researched market info. This is introduced for making buying and selling properties online through simple, fast and innovative solutions. Our team works relentlessly to live up to market expectations. This helps property buyers with a pre-examined interface for property search which would also allow the customers to connect with genuine sellers. We make sure that the properties listed so far are updated with live data to make customers feel the exact status of the project. Therefore, Mitraya has decided to build a web application for a real estate portal and started a software development company named Mitraya Infologic Services to design and develop our own product. The project was developed with proper planning, supplemented with well-researched market reports, personalized and genuine advice enabling intelligent property buying decisions. Finding right property requires a lot of research, time and effort. We have launched a platform which is convenient for users to go through properties that fit their needs as if readily served on a platter. We have provided abundant options to explore more properties that would match up to every customer`s expectations. Mitraya Property offers viable options from reliable resources that help customers make the right choice without a hitch. We are one of the fastest growing families in online real estate space. We have created a property search systems which is several grades above the others and which will also be useful for those who are fed up with endless on-site visits and fake listings in the real estate websites. Mitraya property is led by a team of dedicated, qualified and well-experienced sales personnel working passionately for equipping huge loads of qualified data to get them listed on our site. And our incredible technical team works round the clock to make a central hub for all the real estate property related activities. We have a passionate & enthusiastic team of programmers, designers, data analysts etc. who are driven by the urge to create a great experience for you on our site. In addition to this, we will also be working on agent panel where we gather and register agents in the app from different regions, who will be providing accurate and genuine information about the properties to the customers. Once a customer finalizes the property on our portal, he can directly coordinate with the agent associated with us to have a live view of the properties like Apartments, Houses/ Villas and Layouts. This is planned for a better user-friendly approach to bridge the gap between a dream property and the buyer. This will deliver cost-effective, high-quality solutions across industries and help our customers achieve evident business gains by researching along with us. We have also designed and developed iOS and Android mobile applications to reach the wider audience and help them visualize their dreams.

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