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Why is a Blog Must for Small Business?

A small business blog is a marketing tool if you’re an entrepreneur just starting out this is very important. You probably think of marketing and sales as synonyms, interchangeable in definition and in purpose. Sales are the process of getting a customer to buy; marketing is how you position your product, find your customers, and decide how you’re going to reach them.

Why do people go to the Internet?

Believe it or not, users don’t browse the Internet for the sole purpose of buying your stuff. They go because they want information. A lot of advertising dollars are thrown away when blogs simply push a product, but offer no information. Or, worse yet, they get in the way of a web user’s search for information.

That tells us a lot about what a blog should offer, doesn’t it? First, it should offer relevant information that people want to consume.

Remember! Search engines are grading you.

Search engines are smart. Shortly after you start a blog, the search engine robots (or just bots for short) put your written content through their algorithms. Your blog receives a higher grade if you use proper grammar and spelling, and if website visitors like, share, or comment about your articles it counts all the more.

Search engines also look for important keywords that searchers are looking for and how often it is used by you but relevantly. Depending on how many of those words your website has, it will add up your site’s relevancy, or weed you out of the running based on a lack of it. So before you start a blog, you should start working keeping your potential customers in mind, analyzing what they might search and implement accordingly.

Should you start a blog?

Your website is more likely to appear higher in the search engine result pages if you have a blog than if you do not. Search engines are policing your efforts, and those results are important as more people are inclined towards internet to gain information before making purchases.

Did you realize why “appearing higher” in the search engine results important?

The reason is when you stay at the top of the first page of the search results; you’re like 95 percent of Web users out there. The more the traffic your blog receives, the more engaging its content it is, the more likes and shares it receives, the higher you will rank. And that means more people will find your website; blog, products, services — everything!

How often should you write blog articles?

Blogging is like exercise, and the best exercise is the one that you’ll actually do. My advice is blog when you can, and when you will.
Don’t stress yourself out over it, just start somewhere. Weekly is better than monthly, and daily is better than weekly. Just do what you can do. The more you write, the easier it will become to generate greater leads. However, the more time you put into the blogging, the less time you’ll have to spend on running your business. Time is a currency more precious than money, especially for an entrepreneur. You only have so much, so spend it wisely.

What should you write about?

Once you start your blog focus on writing about your business, customers, products, successes, failures and lessons learned. Personal stories about your business success, how you started, help your brand relatable.

As I said, people go to the Internet to find information. Some of that information is customer reviews about which products are best. If you have a relationship with your customer through your blog, you can leverage the power of the review. And you should!

Can you outsource the writing?

Yes, you can have professional bloggers do your writing for you. And, yes, you can pay them to invent content that would appeal to your audience. That process falls under content marketing. If you do decide to start a blog and outsource, make sure you find someone who can deliver content similar to your own.
Consider speaking your own content into a voice recorder, or have your writer interview you. Regardless of how the two of you decide to work together, make sure that the content and writing style is yours.

How many blog articles should you have?

In this competitive world we need to have more articles in your blog than our competitors. This way, the search engines will see that your website is more active and robust than your competitors’ sites.

Writing more blog articles means there are that many more chances for your website to be discovered when people run Internet searches.

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