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Going Green actually helps you Save Money

Going Green is no longer just an option or a lifestyle choice but the real need of the day if we want to give the future generation a chance to continue enjoying the fruits of Mother Nature.

Going Green has multiple benefits to us personally along with it being good for the environment. It helps reduce our carbon footprint as well as enrich our lives by making us healthier and richer, literally.
What many of us often don’t realize is that going Greenhelpsussave a lot of money along with it being healthy. Now if you look at it from one item at a time it’s a minuscule amount, however, cumulatively they make it helps us save a lot of money. And most importantly they help us be responsible towards our future generations.
Here are some simple ways Going Green can help you achieve that.
1. Cycle or Walk whenever possible instead of Driving: now it may sound like a very clichéd advice but the reason it is so is because this has many benefits. Along with saving money in fuel, you also get a good dose of exercise that helps you be fitter. Though it’s not always practical or convenient to walk or cycle to the workplace, you can always opt to walk or cycle when you go to your local store.

2. Opt for fresh food Instead of Packaged Food: Eating out of a packet might seem easier at the end of a busy day. However, if you invest some time in preparing fresh food, you can eat much healthier at a lesser price instead of eating packaged food which often has more trans-fat or calories.Opting for fresh food can help you stay healthier.

3. Opt for Alternate Source of Energy like Solar: Opting for an alternate source of energy along with helping in Going Green, is also a very smart investment. It reduces carbon footprint as well as helps get rid of monthly power bills. No doubt, as a onetime investment alternate energy source like solar energy is expensive, however, if you look at the reduction of the recurring cost of bills, it has great ROI.

4. Invest in energy efficient electronic appliances: Energy efficient appliances help you in Going Green as well as in reducing monthly power bills. Also, it has the added benefit of making your work more efficient.

5. Minimise the Use of Paper: Minimise the use of paper if not completely avoid it.Reading e-news instead of a newspaper helps us save trees. It’s that simple and easy to go green. This simple change in lifestyle can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Don’t print something unless it’s completely necessary this along with saving trees help you save money on paper and ink.

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