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Andhra Government announces Free Mobiles Distribution for Cashless Transactions

The most discussed news of Andhra Pradesh is Chief Minister N ChandrababuNaidu’s announcement post a meeting with RBI reprehensive Hari Sankar, Andhra Bank deputy general manager G S V Krishna Rao and other senior officials. Immediately after the meeting, he announced the distribution of free mobile phones to the economically backward section of the people as a relief measure to ease out the current currency deficiency in the state.
His announcement came in the wake of his discussion with the Central Bank officials who informed the Chief Minister that another Rs 3,000 crore worth new currency notes including notes of smaller denominations of around Rs 60 crore were expected to reach the state by November 28.
The Chief Minister requested the bank officials to continuously appraise the situation with their top executives over teleconference, till the problem eases out.
During his announcement, he said, "Everybody needs a mobile phone for digital transactions, so we want to implement this idea and distribute mobile phones."

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Andhra Government announces Free Mobiles Distribution for Cashless Transactions

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